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Our services are as varied as the clients we serve. At RFX Technologies we focus on creating simple, secure, affordable and dependable solutions. While we specialize in finding the right solution, we pride ourselves on knowing when to consult with and bring other experts into the equation. If we commit to implement the idea, we also commit to provide the expertise that will be required to complete the project or provide support according to our standards. Learn More


In order to be a programmer, you need to be able to speak in a foreign language. To be a good programmer, you need to be fluent in that foreign language. To be a great programmer, you need to be fluent in more than one foreign language and know the local customs. Learn More

Web Design

Our talented staff has years of experience designing and building fully-custom, professional websites and applications to help improve the web presence and productivity of our clients. Starting from scratch or simply giving an existing site a much-needed facelift, our design professionals can work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction with the delivered product. Learn More


Whether your company wants a new network installed or just needs its existing network to stay fully operational, RFX has what it takes to get the job done. Our staff of highly trained IT professionals has years of experience in networking and server support. Learn More


We are a Microsoft certified partner with many years of experience in all phases of the IT engineering process. Our consultants are experienced in the development of custom tailored solutions as well as "out of the box" solutions. RFX Technologies can facilitate the growth of your IT infrastructure. Learn More



Important Windows XP Information!

Microsoft will officially stop supporting the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014. If your network contains XP workstations, please be aware of the following:

  • Security exploits and bugs/defects will no longer be patched by Microsoft.
  • Your XP workstations and network will become significantly more vulnerable to malware.
  • XP users will begin to experience compatibility issues with other software and hardware.
  • Workstations running XP will become non HIPAA compliant.
  • Workstations running XP will become non PCI compliant.

Because action is required on your part if you have XP workstations, please call/email Brian Earley (502.708.3551 / ) to discuss replacement or upgrade plans.

Bart's Blog

Bart's Blog

August 22, 2014
Going Mobile for Small Businesses

Going mobile for businesses now means being able to pick up any device and have access to all your work stuff - settings, data and applications. Read More