RFX Technology Opens Nonprofit Services Division

Posted by: Bart Bushong on May 12, 2014
RFX Technology Opens Nonprofit Services Division

RFX Technologies is doing what it can to give back to nonprofits in the metro Louisville area. In addition to company representatives helping organizations through board service and lending their expertise at no cost, the company has gone a step above in its effort to help others. Beginning in January 2014, Bart and Adam, the two senior partners leading our organization, opened the Nonprofit Services Division of RFX Technologies.

This new division is designed to help small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations raise more money to fuel their mission and purpose. The goal is simple: help organizations raise the funds they need to provide services well into the future.

The Importance of Nonprofits in the World We Live In Today

By Michael Erskine, Director of RFX Nonprofit Services

Did you know that there are nearly 2,500 nonprofit public charity organizations just in Jefferson County, Kentucky? Those large enough to be required to file a tax return with the IRS (946) have almost $8 billion (yes that’s billion) in revenue.

According to the Nonprofit Almanac for 2012:

  • There were an estimated 2.3 million nonprofit charities in the United States
  • This equated to 1 for every 175 Americans
  • 62.8 million Americans volunteered at charity organizations
  • If these organizations had to pay these volunteers, this would have totaled roughly $283.84 billion

If you are surprised, you are not alone!

Most of us receive requests from charities for financial support. Many nonprofit organizations can only provide the services they do to individuals in need with the help of public support. Without these nonprofit organizations, the state and/or federal government would need to provide these services, often with less efficiency and at a higher cost than local organizations can achieve.

This is why the RFX team is now working to help charities in our community thrive. Check back as we continue to talk more about this work, and the great charities we are helping along the way. If you have questions, please contact Michael Erskine at 502-708-3572 or use our contact form

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