RFX is excited about Cornerstone Legacies Foundation

Posted by: Bart Bushong on November 12, 2018
RFX is excited about Cornerstone Legacies Foundation

RFX Technologies has been working to assist nonprofits since 2008. Some ways that we helped out initially is by providing our technology services at a discounted rate. Since 2014 we have expanded to provide dedicated FREE resources to help in a whole different way. We have assisted with grant writing, organization assessments, educational opportunities, event planning, and several other areas. Over the years while RFX has been assisting (for FREE), we have been met by some skeptics. If it sounds too good to be true, there must be something going on… The truth, of course, is there is more than one way to give back. Giving of your treasure is the most notable way – we also like giving of our time and talent.

So long story short. In 2017 RFX Technologies and its team members, as a way of giving back, established a 501©(3), nonprofit named Cornerstone Legacies Foundation. Cornerstone is dedicated to the betterment of nonprofits, encouragement of environmental initiatives, and to assist individuals in finding peace and success in their everyday lives. Did I mention Cornerstone provides these services for FREE?

Learn more about Cornerstone Legacies Foundation by visiting their website at www.CornerstoneLF.org.

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