IT Support: Why Be Proactive?

Posted by: Bart Bushong on February 20, 2012
IT Support: Why Be Proactive?

This wasn’t too surprising to us. Over the years, RFX Technologies has provided networking support and IT technical support to several customers who were unaware of various items running on their servers.

Why you should be proactive with computer support

RFX Technologies believes being proactive regarding technology is extremely important.

All too often, business technology systems are taken for granted and ignored until something goes wrong. Companies wait until something breaks and then get it fixed. But just like changing the oil in your car, an investment in regular maintenance can often prevent you from being stranded with an expensive, inconvenient computer repair or networking support emergency.

A technology plan that includes network monitoring can also save your company reputation and help preserve customer trust. For example, malicious software can infiltrate unmonitored networks and is hard to detect by design. And when customers find out that their sensitive information was exposed, think of the kinds of actions they may take.

Because technology is a big part of today’s business operations, companies can no longer afford to take their network security for granted. Take time to talk to your technology provider to determine what they are doing to proactively manage your network. For example, an IT support provider should provide network monitoring solutions to help you stop and fix networking support issues before they become major issues. If they are not currently using any proactive measures, ask or allow them to begin proactively managing your technology. The ROI and peace of mind will be worth the initial increased cost.

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