Collaborating with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Posted by: Bart Bushong on April 24, 2012
Collaborating with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

With busy schedules and more employees working remotely, it seems increasingly difficult to have a one-on-one discussion with your coworkers and keep everyone up-to-date on important company information. One of our favorite collaboration tools to keep everyone on the same track is Microsoft SharePoint 2010. SharePoint has six primary features that can be customized to fit your business’ needs.


SharePoint 2010 Sites gives you a user-friendly option to create and manage your business’ website. The tools available can help any beginner (or expert!) create a site to meet your specific needs. In addition to your professional website, you can create an internal website for your employees, which can be a great place for them to distribute information.


As more and more people seek flexible work hours and work remotely, keeping your team in sync becomes increasingly important. SharePoint 2010 Communities makes it easy to work collaboratively with someone in the next office or around the world. Since SharePoint integrates with Office, Exchange, and other Microsoft products, it’s easy to save and share securely.


SharePoint makes it easy to tag and search documents, rich media, web content and other data. Edit documents with your coworkers and SharePoint 2010 Content will easily track who made which changes. You can also create Document Sets to help you edit groups of similar content at once and streamline your processes.


SharePoint 2010 Search offers great customizations to enhance your search experience, but most importantly it allows you to search through literally everything you have: contacts, contracts, documents, spreadsheets, websites and everything else. You can use visual cues to find information quickly and add your own vocabulary and relevance preferences to get the results you need.


SharePoint 2010 Insights offers a complete reporting and analysis system where you can display any data, either from an Excel workbook or more advanced database. Customizable dashboards can integrate data from multiple sources and present up-to-date information.


Not every new application requires a lot of coding. Anyone can help create the right business solution for your needs withSharePoint 2010 Composites, which allow you to build a variety of solutions to better handle your work flow, allow controlled access to data, and many other tasks.

Most businesses need some platform where employees can collaborate and share their work. We have found Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to be one of the best solutions since it integrates seamlessly with the already popular Office and is available for desktop and mobile. If you’re interested in seeing how SharePoint can help improve your company’s workflow and productivity, give us a call.

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