4 Ways to Keep Smart Phones from Compromising Business Security

Posted by: Bart Bushong on January 4, 2012
4 Ways to Keep Smart Phones from Compromising Business Security

Malicious software for smartphones is on the rise, especially during the holidays. As mobile users increasingly use one smartphone for personal and business use, smartphone security is becoming an important business concern. Once compromised, hackers can use a smartphone to get behind corporate firewalls and wreak havoc on your business’s Wi-Fi. With more and more consumers shopping on their smartphone, the smartphone becomes an increasingly lucrative prey.

  1. Be wary of apps promising special bargains and coupons. Remember, if a deal is too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true. One of the ways hackers are compromising smartphones is via malicious apps. This problem mostly affects Android devices, since Apple’s App Store has a screening process for its offerings. (However, if you’ve jail broken your iPhone, you’re just as vulnerable as Android users.) Games, music and ringtones are also used often to lure the app-happy consumer. Try to stick with trusted apps from companies with good reputations. Always do a search for the app in your web browser before downloading to see what others are saying about it.
  2. Check that mobile web sites are secure. Just like your computer, viruses and malware can spread through your mobile web browser. Be sure to check for the “https” in the web address to know you’re at a secure site before sharing your valuable personal data.
  3. Consider virus protection for your smartphone. A variety of virus protection software exists for smartphones. Installing one can be a very simple way to keep the phone more secure.
  4. Make sure your business is protected from external threats. With a firewall and network monitoring, you can mitigate the damage from security breaches that may still occur.

As technology becomes more important in our world, there are even more ways for hackers to disrupt your hardware and your life. When shopping, via mobile or your computer, be extra diligent. And if sharing a device between work and home, remember that it’s not just your information you’re putting at risk.

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