Robern Newton

Network Support

Robert Newton, a valued member of our team at RFX Technologies, brings a unique blend of experience and skills. As a proud Marine veteran, having served in Anti-Tank Infantry, Robert exemplifies discipline and dedication. He is a devoted father to two wonderful children, Cooper and Delaney, and shares a loving partnership with his wife, Lindsey, whom he met as a co-worker in 2014 at Joe's Older Than Dirt, a place they still enjoy visiting.

Robert's passion for technology and security is evident in his academic pursuits. He's currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity and Assurance, enhancing his already impressive credentials, which include a Security+ CompTIA Certification and a Certified Ethical Hacker Certification.

Outside of his professional and academic endeavors, Robert is a man of diverse interests. His love for the outdoors shines through in his enjoyment of hiking, campfires, and building things, a skill honed during his time as a remodeling contractor. Always keen to stay updated, he dedicates time to learning about the latest cyber-attacks, a testament to his commitment to the field of cybersecurity.