Brandon Winter

Network Support Analyst

Brandon Winter—formerly Brandon Martin—married his wife, Elizabeth, in early 2018 on the winter solstice, hence the new surname. They have no plans for children, but say puppies are a different story. Growing up all over western Kentucky, Brandon came to Louisville seeking opportunity. Brandon tested the waters in several areas. He started out as a Creative Writing major following an aptitude for writing when he was younger—particularly sci-fi and horror stories. He eventually landed on an Information Security major tapping into the appreciation for technology he obtained at an early age. He was the family’s IT guy—playing his grandparents’ Nintendo and getting into computers at school—and now he gets paid to do it!

Brandon joined the RFX team in August of 2016 after being recommended to us by one of his professors. He started out working on-site at Texas Roadhouse (where he helped our team earn the 2017 IT Vendor of the Year award). In August of 2018, Brandon transitioned back to the RFX main office himself, taking over lab, hardware, and receiving responsibilities. He moved to New Jersey in March of 2019 and now focuses on our support desk and helping to improve operations there.

In his free time, Brandon plays Dungeons & Dragons—he has since he was 8 years old and shows no signs of stopping. In between sessions, he reads or plays computer games, and enjoys hiking or travelling. He loves trying new food and has a special place in his heart for the spiciest. He enjoys learning and practicing new languages, with favor towards Japanese and Welsh, and uses them in his D&D games. He is a Subaru fanboy and has lost 100 lbs. through diet and exercise.