Adam Jarfi

Network Support

Adam Jarfi moved to Louisville, KY when he was about 12 years old and has been a fan ever since. He would tell you this city has given his family many opportunities. His father owns a catering company downtown, and Adam has helped out with the family business since he was 17. He also brings years of experience in the service industry, honing his interpersonal skills, which are part of what make him so valuable here at RFX Technologies. Adam’s real passion has always been technology; so he attended JCTC, focusing on Network Administration.

Adam joined our team in 2015. He has developed a quality of service we can all be proud of as it is the driving force behind how he works to interact with the clients he supports.

When not at work Adam has many hobbies including - video games (especially the competitive ones), cars (racing at Autocross events), music (loves going to festivals and concerts), movies and TV (Game of Thrones is a current favorite), beer (IPAs), fitness (Yoga and cardio), and checking out the local restaurant scene!