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Founded in 2001, RFX Technologies is a technology consulting firm with the resources on staff to support all our clients’ networking, software development and IT consulting needs. We have done work throughout the United States for small businesses as well as fortune 100 companies. We are committed to providing the highest standard of service.

We know business and technology grows and changes quickly in today's environment. So, we promote regular internal and external training for our staff and continue to invest significant resources in Research and Development. We deliver today's technology, not yesterday's.

Our clients are more than just business relationships; they are friends and partners. RFX Technologies is an IT consulting firm that is as concerned about our clients’ bottom lines as our own. Caring for our people and clients has been, and will continue to be, our key to success.

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Think you'd fit in well with RFX? Join our team!

Account Manager

Join a winning team! If you are a sales person that thrives on making a difference, increasing your income, and working with a company that rewards it's performers and encourages thinking outside the box, then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Help Desk

To make it on the RFX Help Desk you must have a vast array of knowledge. We're not just looking for someone who can instruct users to log off and back on. RFX has a multi-tiered helpdesk that supports both end-users and corporate IT departments.



Bart Bushong is the Senior Partner and CEO for RFX Technologies. He married his high school sweetheart, Lori, after college in June of 1993. They have two awesome children, James (Jamie), and Jenna.

Bart is not what you would call a "tech" guy other than the fact that he likes gadgets and learning about all the newest cutting edge stuff. Bart's role in the company is that of operations. He began his fascination with business at the age of nine when he realized people would actually give him money if he worked for them. That is when he started cutting grass using the old style lawn mower; you remember the one without the engine?

From his early beginnings, Bart found that those who worked the hardest, often got rewarded through promotion and responsibility. From the time he entered the workforce he began moving up the ladder. While attending the University of Kentucky he worked full time in a management role for a national chain and later became one of the youngest General Managers for an international chain. Throughout his career Bart has gained experience in management, sales, purchasing, financial consulting, negotiations, training, and has lead a few seminars. Bart has helped grow and run million dollar companies in both the Service and Retail sectors in the capacity of CEO and CFO.

Apart from the financial side of operations at RFX Technologies, Bart really enjoys meeting people and working with them to achieve the technology goals of their various companies. His years of experience both inside the company and out have given him the ability to understand the various ins and outs of using technology to advance business while keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line. He has been involved in various technology planning and budget meetings for several of his clients. Helping a client to achieve their goals with the budget that they have is one of the things that Bart finds most rewarding.

Bart currently serves on the board of Friend for Life, a cancer support group, where he is also the Technology Chair. After losing his mother to cancer in 2008, at the young age of 62, Bart wanted to make sure he was involved. Friend for Life is an organization that his mother held dear and she was an active volunteer with them throughout her battle.

In the fall of 2008 Bart joined the Louisville Downtown Rotary as another way to give back. Since being there, he has supported Scout-O-RamadeParty for dePaul and Middle School Connection. He is looking forward to being part of an organization that works to serve the community both locally, nationally and internationally.

Over the years Bart has been a scout leader, a coach for soccer, basketball, tee ball and coach pitch. Bart also works to be active in his faith. "Lori and I think one of the best things we can give to our kids besides love, is a solid foundation in faith. What they do with their lives from there is up to them. We hope that by living and setting examples and not just using words, they will get that foundation."

If you would like to speak to Bart regarding your company's needs, he can be reached in the office at 502.742.2550.




Adam Wilson is the Founding Partner and CIO for RFX Technologies. He has two beautiful girls. Amelia was born in December of 1997, and his youngest, Jamie, was born in August, 1999.

While growing up under the watchful eye of his mother, Adam learned the importance of being able to speak in a language few understood. That's right, Adam is the programmer of the bunch. It was in high school that his real interest started. He quickly took to programming and realized the potential for programs in our life.

Adam has mastered various languages such as JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, PHP, Perl, XSL/XML and UNIX Shell. He also has extensive experience with many other languages, including DOS, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, .NET, ELF and SQL. He has worked with such applications as Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003, Applixware, HomeSite, TeamSite, The Microsoft Professional Office Suite, FrontPage, WS-FTP, Telnet, Photoshop, ImageReady, Paintshop, and Macromedia Flash 4. He has a working background which includes developing and implementing online training packages for applications, as well as for commercial Web sites.

In his career, he has served in various roles, including Web Master for General Electric and training manager for the United States Navy. Adam is certified in TeamSite 5.5, and has worked with the Interwoven suite of products for many years; Interwoven's Teamsite (now Autonomy) is an Enterprise Web Content Management System. Working for years with this product in close relationship with the vendor, along with their other suite of products like OpenDeploy and Livesite, this experience gave Adam the foundation that has inspired his dedication to creating the exceptional CMS that is part of our product offerings today.

In his spare time, when he finds any, Adam enjoys spending time with his family. He has realized that they grow up all too fast. He also enjoys the opportunity to get involved with his church, Lagrange Presbyterian Church.

If you would like to speak to Adam regarding your company's needs, he can be reached in the office at 502.742.2550 x3544.




As Shane entered into High School, relationships that he had developed gave him an opportunity to work on grant proposals with his school Board of Education and teachers. This resulted in a grant that brought a T-1 connection and the networking of four of the school's buildings. It also brought computer technology into the classroom that was not widely utilized at the time.

As Shane finished high school, he found an opportunity to get his feet wet in a professional capacity by working for a local internet service provider. Here, Shane gained experience with troubleshooting problems over the phone and gained a greater understanding of network technology.

Shane moved to Louisville after graduating from high school to attend Sullivan University. While attending Sullivan, he obtained a position with another local internet service provider and gained work experience dealing with high-speed internet connections and completed an Associates of Science in Information Technology. Shane was the first member of RFX’s helpdesk and over the years has helped develop our network support systems. He is currently our Regional Technical Manager.

Shane was wed in July, 2006 to his lovely wife Erica and they have 3 beautiful children. In his free time, Shane is actively involved with his local church and has recently completed his Bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University. Shane looks forward to seeing the company continue to grow and provide excellent service for its customers.




Lori Bushong is the Business Manager for RFX Technologies. She has been happily married to her best friend since June of 1993 and is the proud mother of 2 amazing children; James and Jenna.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in May of 1991, Lori worked in this capacity for a local company until the birth of her first child in May of 1994. When her youngest started kindergarten in 2001, Lori worked to obtain her teaching credentials and rejoined the workforce as a preschool teacher. She happily still teaches preschool in the morning.

Lori joined the RFX family in 2010 where she is able to utilize her business background while working with personnel relations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and taxes.

Lori is an active member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church. She has enjoyed being a part of many aspects of the parish ranging from leading marriage prep and baptism classes to ministering during mass and helping out at fish fry’s and summer picnics.

Between preschool, RFX and chores around the house………..Lori enjoys weekends on the patio with her husband, Bart, and time to laugh with her kiddos.




Michael is a Louisville native. He is married to his wife Judi, and they have two adult children, Emily and Joseph. After graduating from St. Xavier High School in Louisville, he went to college at Xavier University in Cincinnati, graduating with a BSBA in Labor Relations/ Human Resources. After graduation, he moved back to Louisville.

He chose his major in college based on a desire to help people, as well as a fascination with the law. Upon graduation from Xavier, he began work in the service sector and has remained dedicated to helping others for over 25 years.

Michael’s primary focus for the past 15 years has been working with non-profit organizations to help them achieve their fundraising goals. This has helped further develop his love of helping organizations realize their dreams through fundraising.

Michael is involved in his church community at Our Lady of Lourdes, civic activities as an officer and club member with the Kiwanis Club of Louisville. He is also proud to serve as a Board member with the Kiwanis Club of Louisville Foundation, the Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation, and the Heuser Hearing Institute, and as a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and the Fund Raising Executives of Metro Louisville (FREML).




Lee was one of those diamond in the rough finds for RFX. Before leaving for his tour in Iraq in 2004, he had begun showing some interest in being part of the RFX Team. After returning, he began interning with us. A few months after beginning the intern process, Lee joined the team full time as a field technician. Due to his past experience, education and strong work ethic, he quickly moved into a Lead Technical position for several of our clients. Lee, like all of our technical staff, continues to take courses and studies to improve his knowledge base. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and is currently pursuing several other certifications to add to his growing list, which already includes A+, Network+ and Watchguard Certified Professional (WCP).

When not at work, Lee enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, and their two beautiful children Elizabeth and Albert. Lee also enjoys playing frisbee with the Louisville Ultimate Frisbee Association, tailgating before UofL football games, and video games.




Brian joined the RFX team in the spring of 2012. As our Business Development Manager, he brings a unique set of interpersonal and professional skills to the table. Since his older brother is a computer guru, he has grown up around technology and always felt comfortable around geeks. This is incredibly important because he, being only part-geek, has to effectively navigate the deep, binary waters of Geekdom on a daily basis just to survive.

Brian grew up in Oldham County and joined the Army Reserves in 2003. He has deployed to Afghanistan and Pakistan in support of Humanitarian Aid Operations and Operation Enduring Freedom. Having progressed steadily in his career in the military he is now a Warrant Officer and flies helicopters for the Army. He reached his 10 year mark in July, 2013.

Brian has been married to his beautiful wife, Kristin, since 2009. They were blessed with their first child, a son, in March of 2013. Brian is an Eagle Scout and a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He enjoys playing guitar, ultimate frisbee, time with family, computer games (when/if there is time), and of course, flying attack helicopters.




Leland is from Shepherdsville KY and graduated from Bullitt Central High School. Leland has always been interested in computers and technology. He graduated from LTI with an associate’s degree in Computer Network Administration. He is currently certified in A+, Network+, MCP, CNA; and working towards his CCNA. Leland likes to work with many things including open-source software such as Linux / BSD, encryption, security auditing / pen testing, SQL, C++, OpenGL.

In his free time, Leland enjoys skateboarding, watching TV, and spending time with his dog, Bandit.




Adam Jarfi moved to Louisville, KY when he was about 12 years old and has been a fan ever since.  He would tell you this city has given his family many opportunities.  His father owns a catering company downtown, and Adam has helped out with the family business since he was 17.  He also brings years of experience in the service industry, honing his interpersonal skills, which are part of what make him so valuable here at RFX Technologies.   Adam’s real passion has always been technology; so he attended JCTC, focusing on Network Administration.

Adam joined our team in 2015.  He has developed  a quality of service we can all be proud of as it is the driving force behind how he works to interact with the clients he supports.

When not at work Adam has many hobbies including - video games (especially the competitive ones), cars (racing at Autocross events), music (loves going to festivals and concerts), movies and TV (Game of Thrones is a current favorite), beer (IPAs), fitness (Yoga and cardio), and checking out the local restaurant scene!




Aaron Griffin was born here in Louisville, KY. He graduated from St. Xavier High School and attended the University of Louisville fo​r a few years, until he decided to take some time off to figure out his path in life. Aaron has been involved in web design since his childhood where he got started with Flash, various message boards and Myspace. He moved to building websites for friends from there and slowly learned everything he now knows today.

Outside of the job and web design, Aaron is a fan of gaming, movies, sports, powerlifting, cycling and looking to get into Brazillian jiu-jitsu.





Ken grew up in wintery Michigan before moving to south Florida and then splitting the difference and ending up in Atlanta, GA. One of RFX's first hires outside Kentucky borders, Ken is now on the vanguard of our Georgia expansion, bringing our brand of warmth, fairness, and technical excellence to the region through on-site and remote support. In addition, Ken provides remote management and support services to various clients through RFX's robust software toolkit. He's not alone, though: Ken maintains a consistent telepresence within the RFX facility.  By leveraging pre-existing audiovisual networking protocols, he is in constant video-chat communication with the RFX Support Desk Team.

Ken has always had a passion for helping people, and graduated with a BA in Psychology from Wayne State University in Michigan while he worked and experimented with computers personally and professionally. He maintains that the technical component of a problem is only one part of good service, and aspires to 'make life better' for coworkers and clients with a positive attitude and lasting solutions.

When Ken is not researching, working with, or playing on computers he is spending time with his similarly geeky artist wife and their adorable young daughter.




Sean grew up in Louisville and graduated from Louisville Male High School. He has always had an interest in electronics, but in middle school shifted his focus to music. Once he discovered that he could create and publish music with an array of technology related components. This led him into creating many different types of music and even work on other forms of media, such as radio commercials and sound design, for video production. In addition to his work on the Support Desk at RFX, he has recently started to DJ at weddings, parties, and other events. He has found that, through music, he has started to learn more about networking and even basic web design to showcase his work.

Sean says that working with technology has never felt like a job, because he loves the work that he’s able to do for RFX, and his fellow team members that he works with. Many of his previous jobs have been around the service industry, although he says he never really sought a career in customer service. He has found that he enjoys talking with people and troubleshooting any type of issue. This is also giving him direction with a new interest in mobile app design and programming for embedded systems. Sean says he’s always aware that there is much to learn and that he’s ready for whatever comes his way.

Sean's Tech Tips




Chris Clarke has over 2 years of experience at the RFX Help Desk, assisting remote clients with a wide range of support issues, from password resets to complete network backup solution installation and integration. In addition, Chris plays a role in the on-site world of RFX, providing weekly assistance to larger clients who require extended support.

Beyond the Help Desk, Chris manages the RFX systems InfiniVisor and InfiniVault, as well as our internal 2-factor authentication software, which provides additional layers of security to better protect sensitive client information.

Off-hours are tight for Chris; he fills his time experimenting with new technologies to create works of conceptual and electronic literature, which include game poetry, generative narrative, et many cetera.

Chris is also a former Naval officer, who holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Meteorology and Nuclear Engineering Technology.




Teddy met his lovely wife, Lora, back in college and they have been happily married since 2009. They have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, Maisie. Teddy would tell you that she is an awesome little girl who has taught him many things including how to appreciate the movie Frozen!

After graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Teddy spent time as the youth director at a church in Cleveland, Mississippi. If you ever have the chance to speak with Teddy you will learn he has a very calming tone that has a way of making you feel better even if your computer is frustrating you. We are not sure if we can accredit that to his education, experience with children, faith, or a little of all three. Regardless of why, we were so fortunate Teddy and his wife decided to make their way from Mississippi to Louisville, KY. Once at RFX, Teddy jumped in with both feet. His strong customer service skills have been a real strength of his as a support desk technician to one of our larger corporate clients.

Teddy’s next chapter at RFX Technologies has taken he and his family back to Mississippi where he is spearheading the expansion of RFX to yet another state. He is supporting a number of clients remotely while looking for opportunities to expand the overall reach of RFX.

In Teddy’s spare time he watches Frozen, enjoys disk golf and reading (and by reading he means audio books).




Bryce joined the RFX team in the summer of 2017. As a Business Development Specialist, he brings a unique set of interpersonal and professional skills to the table.

Bryce grew up in Arkansas where he also completed his BS in Economics at the University of Central Arkansas. In the summer of 2015 he moved to Louisville to pursue a graduate degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a current student with concentration in worldview and apologetics to better understand how peoples from different religions understand the world. RFX has been a new challenge considering he’s never been big in to technology! Even though he’s never been a full tech geek, he’s a huge chess geek and loves to play in local tournaments.

When away from work, Bryce enjoys hip-hop and bluegrass music, bourbon, film, working out, disc golf, and the local theater scene.


About RFX Technologies

Founded in 2001, RFX Technologies is a technology consulting firm with the resources on staff to support all of our clients' networking, software development, and IT consulting needs. We've worked throughout the United States with small businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies. We are committed to providing the highest standards of service. We know that business and technology grow and change quickly in today's environment. Therefore, we promote regular internal and external training for our staff, and we continue to invest significant resources toward Research and Development.