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Nonprofits face many different challenges. Just because your organization runs on a tighter budget, doesn’t mean you don’t have similar technology needs to for-profit companies with double or triple the funds. RFX has worked with many nonprofits over the years and developed a special understanding of their needs and concerns. Some of the areas we’ve been able to help our nonprofit clients are website development and affordable hardware and software solutions.


Having a quality, current site can be especially important for nonprofits.

  • Since most businesses and charities have websites today, not having one (or having a poorly designed and infrequently updated one) can discredit your organization. People expect to be able to learn more about your organization on the web, so having a strong web presence can build your organization’s credibility.
  • In a world wearied of frauds and fakes, your website can offer the transparency donors want by showing how you’re spending your donations and what your needs are.
  • With an increasing number of donors making donations online, your website can be a great way to augment your giving campaigns.
  • Your website is an essential starting point for social media engagement, an increasingly popular and effective way of promoting your organization.

By having a professional like us build or revamp your website, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a dependable, current, and easily manageable product that will impress your coworkers, board members, donors and future donors.

Software discounts and lease programs
Budget restrictions are a huge challenge for nonprofits, and technology isn’t always the easiest expense to negotiate. However, a lot of the suppliers we work with offer software discounts to nonprofits. We have a lot of experience finding the best deal so you can have the quality software you need without breaking the bank.

Lease programs have also provided our nonprofit clients with significant savings. We’re able to negotiate those programs so your organization doesn’t have to sacrifice on the technology it needs to run and be successful.

If you’re a nonprofit seeking affordable technology solutions, give us a call. We can meet with you and help find a way to make sure you have the tech resources you need to run your organization effectively.

image: Tim Green