5 Reasons to Consider a Website Redesign

Posted by: Annastasia Webster

5 Reasons to Consider a Website Redesign

Your Web site is one of the public faces your company presents to the world. It is part of the image potential customers, investors and employees form of your company before they even talk to a single team member.

Today, when the internet is the first place many people look when they want to find a service provider or product, company Web sites are more important than ever. When was the last time you had a refresh of the design of your company Web site? If it has been more than a few years, you may be overdue for a new site...



Why Do You Need a Firewall for your Business?

Posted by: RFX Team Member

Why Do You Need a Firewall for your Business?

It happens frequently: network professionals are hired to install security devices or fix network issues and learn that the system has been breached by a hacker. They find malware is already on the customer’s server. Once the malware has started to cause issues with the network, it may have been in place for quite some time without anyone being the wiser. The malware may be sending confidential data to nefarious third parties, using your server as a launching point for a cyber attack, or corrupting your data so that you are unable to access it.



Going Mobile For Small Businesses

Posted by: Bart Bushong

Going Mobile for Small Businesses with RFX Technologies

More and more businesses are finding that mobility is the key to their growth and success. Forbes says, “Mobility combined with cloud computing is changing business – to make it more immediate, more relevant, and more intelligent.” From the minute you wake up, you can be connected to your business just as if you were in the office. Technology can take your business to the next level. I