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August 22, 2014
Going Mobile for Small Businesses

Going mobile for businesses now means being able to pick up any device and have access to all your work stuff - settings, data and applications. Read More

June 21, 2014
Business Backups 101

For companies trying to decide the best method to backup their critical data there are many things to consider. Learn about the options and things to consider when making the choice. Read More

May 12, 2014
News: RFX Technology Opens Nonprofit Services Division

RFX Technologies is doing what it can to give back to nonprofits in the metro Louisville area. In addition to company representatives helping organizations through board service and lending their expertise at no cost, the company has gone a step above in its effort to help others. Beginning in January 2014, Bart and Adam, the two senior partners leading our organization, opened the Nonprofit Services Division of RFX Technologies to help small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations raise more money to fuel their mission and purpose. Read More

April 11, 2014
How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Business

While it's true that there are several things to consider when introducing new technology to your business environment don't make the mistake of trying to decide which device to buy, before you understand the need to be filled. Read More

January 21, 2013 - By Crystal Christy, Remote Network Administrator/Corporate Training Coordinator
Training: A Necessity In A Technology Support Provider

In order to keep up with the rapid pace, it is important to have a technology support provider who understands and invests in training and continuing education. At RFX, we are dedicated to ensuring that our staff is well equipped to handle the demands of the current technology in use as well as the emerging standards. Read More

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